Monday, July 30, 2012


Do you see this precious face? This sweet little image of a baby boy's face belongs to my first grandson! I am madly in love with this little guy already! The very thought and idea of becoming a grandma sends thrills down my spine. This new chapter in our lives brings excitement and, of course, a small amount of nervousness. There are always questions of 'Will I be a great Oma, like my Oma was to me?', 'Will I be able to balance all of the parts of my life...and do it well?', "Will he be healthy...and happy?'. So...basically, it's about the same questions I constantly ask myself as a mother, but now in the form as a grandparent. As I embark on this new journey...I am challenging myself to get back to my love of blogging for my own enjoyment and a way to document all the fun new things that are about to happen to our family! Can't wait....'

Thursday, February 5, 2009

St. George Girl Getaway

Sorry for the butt load of pictures! But there's not one thing about this weekend that I want to forget! My good friend, Lori, has a family condo down in St. George & we've been talking about doing a girl's weekend for ages! I'm so glad she finally put it together! I must admit, I kinda had a crummy attitude about it at first mainly because I'm a mom & I get the "guilt" factor going on & because it seems like it's such a pain in the butt to actually get ready to go! But- we drove down Thurs night & the fun BEGAN!! We slept in, hot tubbed, soaked up some nice St. George sun, ate a ton, went to In & Out Burger & Texas Roadhouse (yum!!), saw a couple movies, played around the world ping pong where I attempted to practice the ancient art of pinging the pong & ended up with a couple welts on my tush cause I lost!!, played games which was full of total nonsense, some purring, & lots and lots of great belchin'! let's not forget Rock Band! There was some spooning, some secrets shared, & most of all- so much laughing that my cheekbones & abs were aching!! I love these women! They are a total blast to hang with! Low key- kick back- nonjudgemental- and hilarious! Wow- I soooo needed a weekend like that! We were goofy as all get out & it made me come back home feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to be a better mom & wife! Girl's weekends or even girl's nights ROCK!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drew's 1st High School Dance

Drew got asked by this cute girl, Kenzie Isbell, to Davis High's Christmas Dance. She left a cute, big gift box on the front step that had a witty poem asking him to the dance. He then unwrapped the box, only to find another, smaller box that was also wrapped. And so went the steps repeatedly until he got to a very small box that was just covered in duct tape and virtually impossible to cut into. Once he did, he found a note that said to go check out in his mailbox. He found there some candy with an envelope with her name on it. It was almost as exciting for Cam & I as it was for Drew to go through the process of answering her back. Cam & I both thought of a way- we bought over 200 different Christmas cards. Drew wrote on many of them, things like "almost there", "not the right card", "tired yet?", "e=mc2", and silly stuff like that! Then we stuffed and sealed all the cards, put them perfectly fit into a gift box, wrapped it all up, and then but a giant bow on it with a witty little poem telling her to get searching for the right card where she'd find her answer. Little did she know, it wasn't in there! After dropping the box off onto her doorstep, ringing the doorbell, and running, we returned about 30 min later with a box of chocolates with a single card that said on the outside "sorry- we forgot this one" with the answer of "yes" written inside of it! (She reported a few paper-cuts!)It was so fun to do that with him! Just as fun as it was to help him shop for his 1st suit, a shirt to match her dress, order his corsage, and review all the dating etiquette that we expected from him! He was extremely excited! The big group he went with went to breakfast that morning, then ice skating, then all stopped here for hot chocolate. Then after the dance, they all came here to watch a movie. Drew loved his 1st dance, said it was totally "sick"- don't worry, that means "awesome, great, terrific, wonderful". (teenage lingo, geez!) I'm so glad he had such a great experience! It's things like that that make high school such a fun phase in our lives!! I hope he has many fun dances to come in his future! I love that kid! And he makes a handsome date, if I do say so myself!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ain't no mountain high enough... to keep me from you!

So- yes, I'm still WAY behind on the blogging- but hey, I'm at least back & trying, right?? These are pics we took of Cam & I w/Jeff & Tami at a Jazz game we took them to as they were getting ready to move, a "spa" night I tried to do for the girls the weekend before they left, & of course, one of the many, many pics I have of CJ on my phone & camera that my children take when I'm not looking! I swear, just by pics alone, people would probably think he's our 6th child! Anyways- I just wanted to throw myself a pity party & say how sad I am that Jeff & Tami are not right next door anymore ;0( So sad for me! It's hard, because, after being friends for over a decade, we finally got to be neighbors! It was awesome to have that closeness- to have the convenience of being only a couple hundred yards away from one another! To borrow a cup of this, or a teaspoon of that, or A GALLON OF MILK!! haha! It's been fun to have our kids grow so close (Jody is still in mourning for Ashley), to have them walk in our house & us into theirs, to feel like we could share a baby! Poor CJ probably got kissed more than he'd ever like to! Tami would tolerate my children going over to her house to STEAL her child- & was good to trust him in our care (which can be scary in the chaos of our life). I'm not gonna lie- I think that we'll always be close friends, but I must admit- that being close physically helps a friendship. There is so much to be said for "convenience" in this day & age. Our lives are sooo incredibly busy, so it helps to have someone be right there, doing the same things in the same ward and neighborhood. It just creates those opportunities to see each other. So Tami- you might be further away & you might be in a different zip code- but I still love ya like a sister & pledge to be better about getting out to see ya! To those friends that I have that live in my back yard, across the street, or in the same neighborhood, I am SO grateful for that & I'm sorry if I don't tell you that enough! And to those of you in a different state (my sweet Chelon!), or in my old neighborhoods, wards, or places I've never lived (my soul sister Rach!), I love you every day in spite of the distance or miles- I'm still close to you in my heart! I love my friends & I truly don't know what I'd do without you! During this work nightmare I've been pre-occupied with & with my dad's heart attack & surgery this last week, you friends are who I've relied on- to know that you're there means the world to me!! I love you all so very much- please know that always!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thanksgiving 08 in sunny San Diego

I know- that's a whole lotta pictures to have to scroll through- but I wasn't feeling up to doing the slide show today folks, so bear with me ;0) And yes, I am fully aware that it is now January & I'm barely getting around to posting about Thanksgiving. Again, bear with me! A laptop with a virus & crazy holidays made blogging fall WAY down on the priority list!! There was no midnight blogging for me! Anyways- Thanksgiving was.... let's just say it was different. It reminded me that no matter where I am, as long as I've got my husband & kids- that's all that matters! Yes, we were fortunate enough to be blessed with great weather & be in a beautiful place- but I couldn't help it- I missed the extended family chaos, the traditional turkey dinner, and all that comes with your standard Thanksgiving dinner. There's a pic of us with all the team at "Nick's at the Pier" eating a steak dinner on Thanksgiving. Somehow- just not the same! The tournament games were held at an Olympic Training Facility that had some spectacular fields, although one was a mud pit. Luckily, we only had to play once on that! It was a really good learning experience for Colby. Translation: the team didn't fare so well. Don't get me wrong- they played well considering & they came close to some wins that should've been theirs. However- it was good to humble them a little bit. These out-of-state teams that train year round have quite an advantage & they play some outstanding soccer! Colby's team may be the very best in the state of Utah- but that don't mean jack when you're playing the best of the other teams! It was an eye-opener for them to see what kind of competition they'll face come June when they have regionals down in Cali again! They better be bringing their A game! Colby & Drew are both in speed training to work on speed, strength, and agility in a program up at a Weber State University that will go for 12 sessions, twice a week for 6 weeks up until Colby's next tournament in Feb. in Phoenix. Anyways- back to San Diego. The kids loved Sea World- that includes me- I LOVE the place! Sadie was the very, very cutest about Shamu. She kept asking if she could get Shamu for Christmas- and was so very sad & disappointed because she couldn't understand why in the world she couldn't ride on Shamu's back like the trainers!! Maybe one day Sadie!! We even got to stop at Buffalo Bill's outside Vegas on the way home for a night so the kids (& dads) could ride the roller coaster. Yes- that is me on the extremely frightening Frog Hopper! Don't ask. Please, just don't. The trip overall was a great time (minus the very long drive! ugh!) but one that we'll definitely remember! Great job on playing hard Colby!